About Oceane Body Design


Oceane Body Design: leading brand when it comes to beautiful glamorous make-ups and HQ skins

Oceane Body Design is one of the leading skin and make-up brands in Second life. Everything is also available in other virtual worlds, such as InWorldz and Avination (only at request). Oceane started in 2008 with solely unique, handmade skins for Second Life. As soon as the tattoo layers became reality, which gave avatars the possibility to wear make-up with a layer over the basic skin, she started with those too:  gorgeous, glamorous make-ups with lots of gold and silver. All products are handmade with love and passion in Photoshop and tested thoroughly. None of what you see in Oceane’s Main store is available elsewhere.
Oceane Body Design sells make-ups, skins, shapes, eyes, lashes and eyeliners, face tattoos (beauty marks), (mesh) nails and Nail polish, appliers for Slink, Phat/Cute Azz, Lola Tango’s and fantasy skins for Role Play, Halloween and other Holidays.

Cosmetic Fair

New cosmetics are mostly presented at the Cosmetic Fair, 4 times a year, which is always a fantastic challenge to create something beautiful and special. Thanks to Ekilem Melodie (Mons) who organizes these events.
In between there are new releases almost every month.

Personal note: “I do what I can to make your SL more beautiful with my creations, so please don’t wear stolen stuff and respect the time and efforts I put in making all this.”

Marketplace Stores

Oceane has 4 stores at Second Life Marketplace.
1. Oceane Body Design with skins,  shapes, cosmetics, appliers, enhancements and more
2. Oceane Body Design for males: male skins, shapes (named under Saturn Tiratzo)
3. Oceane’s eyes: only eyes (Oceane Goldshark)
4. Oceane’s Gadgets: cute rideable balloons and fish (Oceane Wonder)
Search in Oceane’s Marketplace stores under latest items. If you only want demo’s sort it on lowest price. Only items that are reviewed will appear first, so it is advisable to use the filters.


Do you have land or a store and want to sell Oceane’s makeups and skins? Please contact Inkspots Voom or go to Argus where you can the packs for free with an easy set-up. Argus is also present at the Second Life Marketplace.