How it started for Oceane

My Second Life began in November 29, 2006. Soon after I explored my new world I started with creating textures and furniture because I wanted to make things, it didn´t matter what. I had small stores all over the grid and I really thought I was going to expand the texture business at some point. It was great fun, but still just a hobby. When I met a guy from SL in real life I took a long break to be with him in RL. I came back in Second Life after a year because the relationship failed. SL turned out to be my buoy I could hold on to. It literally saved me from a major depression. because of Second Life and all the possibilities on creative level I was able to turn my grief into creating. I soon felt better.


My very first skin Maxi. I kissed a frog and found myself another prince. Alas he turned out to be a frog indeed.

When a friend mentioned that creating skins would be something for me I became intrigued. At that time I had no clue what the difference was between a skin and a shape. I was always wearing the same skin, shape and emerald big eyes. Here are some silly pics, don´t laugh!


2009, walking around as Princess of Camelot.

It was august 2008 when I taught myself the art of creating skins, which took about a year to learn the finesses. Although I already had a lot of experience with Photoshop as a web designer, this was something else. This was in fact creating 3d Art. I loved it from the start, but oh, how frustrating it was and oh how obsessed I was! I can’t even count the moments that I stopped, crying and shouting and cursing because I was not able to get the effect I wanted.  The only way to get there was with learning by doing, testing, practising a LOT. I am still obsessed with creating, it´s a thrill every time when I can come up with something that never existed before. It´s a thrill to make people happy with my creations.

Finally in 2010 I had skins that I was really proud of. Some of you might remember my skins Grazelle, Veronika and Leona. Notice the difference also between the buildings in those days. A few years caused massive changes in building, lightning and shadow effects. Sculpties were introduced over the years, then tattoo layers, alpha layering and now we have Mesh too with incredible possibilities to make beautiful things.

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Wonderful Wunderville: the second happiest time in my Second Life


The opening party for my village in Wunderville. Here with my bestest friend and sissy Xochitl, belly dancing. Me on the left with Nubia skin, she is the Mexican Goddess on the right.

Dolly in the purple witch skins

Dolly in the purple witch skin

I built my first little store in Wunderville in april 2009 that remained my home for exactly 3 years. I had several stores on this beautiful island and even a small village. The big store was build by my fiend Valeries Muircastle. My three assistants Dolly, Cinnamon and Ella were gems in every way and stayed with me for a very long time.


When I left Wunderville I closed off an important time in my Second Life. Nothing would ever be the same again, but that was okay. One has to move on in life, so I did. I had grown up in Second Life and learnt a lot from the period behind me, as a designer, but also personally.



The huge store Val built for me. This special place will always be in my heart. It was so beautiful and we worked so close together on this. Pity it had to go.

 From Concordia to Oceane’s Oasis

In Spring 2012 I left my beloved Wunderville and it’s fallacious frog prince and moved temporarily to another sim where I stayed for 6 months. Then moved again (probably drove my dear customers nuts with all that moving) in september 2012 and rented a whole sim this time: Concordia. I built up my new store in the sky and used the ground for a fantastic landscape that was created by my friend Delinda Dench. (Alas no pictures anymore from that.) The store was huge, just like in Wunderville. I really needed the 15000 prims because I had created so much products over the last years. Unfortunately I had to recover from illness (which means I couldn’t be in Second Life full-time) so I decided to decrease the size of my prims, leave Concordia that I had for one year and rented Isa Desirae: Oceane’s Oasis. It´s a small part on a cute island and I decorated it completely in Arabian style, as I always do sooner or later.

Here are some pictures of stores I had during and after Wunderville.

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