Cute bums in the sand, oh yeah.

In order to fit your skin perfectly the majority of  body enhancement creators give us (skin)designers the possibility to make appliers (huds) for the body part they provide. This is why most skin designers have already appliers for feet, hands, boobs and booty. (Soon to follow with mesh head and appliers that gives the opportunity to quickly change make-ups, brows or whatever the skin designers puts in the applier.)
There are many brands now that provide us with mesh breasts, butts, hands and feet, a pregnant belly and even vagina’s.

You first need to buy the Mesh item with the creator and then you buy the appliers that match your skin with the skin creator where you bought your skin!

Boobies aka Lola Tango’s

Oceane has appliers for the Lola Tango mesh breasts. Those appliers also seem to work on Lush. Wear the applier, click on the button and voila, skin changes in what you need. I made appliers for almost every tan with 8 different skin variety’s from matte to extreme oiled up. The appliers probably won’t work with very old skins of mine that are not available anymore.

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This is not a mesh booty, it is Oceane’s skin and shape that do the trick here.

Butt aka Phat, Cute Azz, Brazilian and Ghetto Booty

The Phat and Cute azz from are made by Sometimes appliers match different brands, but if you want to be sure you have to ask around or just try. Appliers for the Phat and Cute Azz are available at my store. The appliers work the different brands, so if you buy my appliers, they also work with the other brands.


Photorealistic hand appliers, matching Oceane’s skins, even the zombie skins.

Slink hands

Buy the hands of your preference with Slink then buy the applier of your skin choice with me.

Oceane-Applier-Slink-Nails--FAT-PACKSlink nails

I do also sell the Slink nail appliers. They match both Slink feet nails and Slink hand nails. If you want to change your nails just wear the applier and click whatever you like.

Slink feet: oh yes!

You can buy the mesh Slink feet at the Slink store in different variety’s.  Oceane sells the Slink feet appliers for all of her skins and will soon sell shoes for Slink feet as well.


I mention this because I have many shoes of N-Core myself and although they don’t have me in their lists of brands (they probably forgot) their shoes make a perfect match with my skins. I put a notecard at the store with the exact RGB values and choices for my skins (RGB V8). Hopefully this helps.

Baby Bump Apple May (AMD)

I do not have appliers yet for the Apple May baby bump. If I got enough requests I will consider to make them.