Lashes & liners

Lashes-10-Tattoo-LayersLashes can be a pain in Second life and here’s why:

Prim alpha lashes (textures on an alpha prim) need to be adjusted to the shape of your eyes and head. You need to know how to edit them (click here if you need help).
Lashes on the shape? Lose them as quickly as you can. Better not make them longer in apperance, but use an alpha layer to hide them completely. (Freebie available in my store). Sculpted lashes usually have to be adjusted one by one… it gives you a headache, especially when you use different shapes. Mesh lashes are great if you have them but… I have another solution: Lashes on layers. Lauren here wears the lashes on layers and they are a fantastic combination with the old skool prim lashes. No worries about shoving them in or out your eyes, it’s just plain bloody gorgeous and so are the eyeliners.
You can find them in my store at the SL marketplace and also in my store in Second Life. Yep, I do have demo’s!

Here is a selection of the lashes on layers.

Prim eyelashes (and again: here is how you can learn to adjust them).