Oceane - Metallix 2 Caleidoscope Cat 10Oceane Body Design sells quality make-up layers. Apart from eye shadows and lipsticks I also sell full make-ups. This means that I usually have these 2 combined on one layer which saves you on loading and layers. All my make-ups are stand alone layers and perfect cut-outs. Stand alone means in this case: you can wear these on almost ANY skin and on ANY tan, but here are some things you could consider if it doesn’t look good. There are 4 reasons why you can have issues with make-ups:

  • your shape
  • your skin
  • the color of the skin and the tone of the make-up
  • the windlight settings you use

Read this if you want to know more about these subjects.

Full make-ups

Full make-ups are made on one layer and contain at least an eyeshadow, a lipstick and sometimes a blusher. A full make-up on one layer decreases loading time, which is handy when you are rezzing. Custom full make-ups  are a possibility if you make your own choice with a released eyeshadow and lipstick. Send me an email or a notecard in Second Life.

How your make-up looks in your own viewer

Keep in mind that your light settings are very important. If you use default settings you get really ugly shadows on your skin and might want to wear a laggy facelight, which is really a pain in the butt for people around you who don’t like that. Choose for instance Nams optimal skin or take my own WL settings that every viewer has: Oceane Body Design. You cannot influence how you look in someone else’s viewer.

Oceane-Boho-Raama-FMWhere to buy my products

I sell my cosmetics also on the Second Life marketplace, some are a special offer, that are not for sale in my store in Second Life. If you buy something there please make a review, it means a lot to me if you do.
Visit my Main store for a complete makeover, the variety in colors is limitless and there is a release almost every week.