Pippi skin, Leilu shape

Leilu curvy shape with Pippi redhead skin and make-up. Who needs fake boobs if you can have them like this?

Oceane Body Design is specialized in curvy shapes. A gorgeous shape works together with a great skin. And that means that sometimes you need to search for that and try shapes until you are satisfied. Many people stick with one of the first shapes they have (I did too in the first 2 years of my Second Life!) but when you change skin or/and make-ups a lot you often need to change the shape too. Not all lipsticks go well together with all shapes, that’s just a fact. Look here to see what can go wrong if you have a bad shape and great lipstick.

It’s not only that, it’s so much more. Luckily you can easily change things yourself if you have a modifiable body. All my shapes are mod and copy so you can make different shapes with little or big changes for all the skins and make-ups you have. If you have questions about shaping, read further here.

Oceane’s shapes are available at the Second Life Marketplace and in the Main Store at the Oasis.


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