Male skins & shapes

Saturn“Oceane, can you also make Male skins?”
Oceane said yes, worked 9 months (not in a row, but still long and hard) at her manly Man Devlin, especially at his butt with bits and pieces from real photo’s. I didn’t want him overly muscled but he definitely had to be completely seamless (the majority of the male skins is not). Then I put him in the store, with shapes and manly eyes.

To tell you the truth, creating skins for women or for males, are two completely different things. All that facial hair, all the variety’s! So I decided that once was enough. I like make-ups more. Sometimes I make a special, like the vampire skin, but I stick to my girls. The guys are for sale now at Marketplace and also at the Oasis.
Eat your heart out ladies, that butt… it’s truly bite-able.

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