Blogger Application Second Life

Do you want to become a blogger for Oceane Body Design? Please copy the text below and put it in a notecard with your name. Send it to me in Second Life.
I do not give guarantees. If I choose you to become a blogger for my brand, please understand that I ask high quality pictures, frequent posts, especially on Flickr. I am in several events, such as The Instruments and The Makeover Room, you should be willing to blog about that too.

Your name (not display name):

Do you blog for events?

How long do you blog?

Is there a certain theme that you blog about?

Which other brands do you blog for?

Are you a model and if so, what shows did you participate in?

Do you wear a Mesh Body and/or Mesh head? (which brands?)

How did you hear from Oceane Body Design?

Did you ever do a blog with Oceane’s products and posted this also in the Oceane Body Design group on Flickr?

Why do you want to become a blogger for my brand?

What kind of products does Oceane sell?

Have you visited the store recently?

Did you ever bought any of Oceane’s products?




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Please send the Notecard to Oceane Grumiaux. Thank you kindly.