About appliers

Q: I have a skin from another designer and am very fond of it but I love your breasts. Will they fit my skin or can you make those for my skin?

A: No, that is not possible. You have to ask that designer. If you fell in love with my boobies you’ve got to wear a skin of mine. I have a huge collection of lovely skins, please try demo’s and see for yourself.


This pink fantasy skin was a group gift with appliers for Lola Tango’s.

Q: Do you make custom appliers for your fantasy skins?

A: Yes, if I have time I can do that. I charge a little extra on top of the regular price for the skin appliers per tan. After that I will sell it in the store for the regular price. So if you want one for the Succubus skin, the Mermaid, the Vampire or the pink, or any other, I am glad to do it, just send me a notecard.

Q. Do the appliers fit all your skins?

A. I am a skin designer for over 6 years now and that means I improved of course. Older bodies will not really fit because the skin texture is somewhat different. If you want to fit the appliers send me a notecard and I will see what I can do.

Q. So which skins do fit then?

A. Lovely, Ella, Denise, Dee, Toni, Terry, Lauren, Kiki, Miki (vanilla tan), Nicky, Nubia natural skins (not sure about the older Nubia’s).

Q: Why are there no demo’s for the appliers?

A: No time, but the pictures show you exactly what you get. I only cropped the images. I put a mesh body in the store so you can try the hud.

Q: Are you going to make nipple and clothing appliers?

A: Maybe. I am a busy busy busy bee. If it really takes too long then just b-b-b-b-bug me.