About make-up

Q. I wear an eye shadow and an eyeliner but I can’t see the eyeliner on my face…

A. Check your layering. You can add (rightclick and add) up to 5 layers. The first layer you wear is the one on the lowest level, every layer you add is one that adds up. In other words, the last layer you add is the one on top. If you click wear layer than it replaces the last layer you added (same with alpha layers and mesh by the way). So in order to wear more layers you need to add them.  If you don’t see your eyeliner it is probably because the eye shadow is now your top layer, or you replaced it with the eye shadow. Go in appearance, edit clothing and see what’s in that list. Are you wearing 2 layers? Good, you can simply level it up with the arrow there and make the eyeliner the top layer. If you wear just 1 layer, than add the eyeliner.


The Amber lipstick doesn’t look good on this Dee skin. It’s too small. 

Q. I wear a new lipstick but it doesn’t cover my lips on the skin. It looks horrid now.

A. This is why I always say try before you buy. I have demo’s of almost all my make-ups, skins and lashes and even shapes. We can do several things about this issue. Let me first explain why the lipstick layer doesn’t fit.
Lipsticks are made on an avatar UV-map in Photoshop, this means outside of Second life. I always use my own handmade skins so the lipsticks fit perfectly. Every skin I make is different. Some skins have small lips, others bigger lips, so it depends on your choice how it looks.
Ambers lipsticks (named after my skin Amber ) will not fit the Dee skins, because Dee’s lips simply are bigger. A bigger lipstick is probably not looking good on a skin with small lips, Dee’s lips will not be good with an Amber skin. Wear your skin, try the demo’s and see what happens. If you like a lipstick and it doesn’t fit you can request for customization. I charge a little extra for that. Send me a notecard with your request.

Q. There is a lipstick that I like lots but I don’t like it on my skin. My lips look weird.


The color of these Lauren lips on Dee skin Coffee tan, is way too light, so it doesn’t blend as beautifully as it could. Choose another color. 

A. There can be 2 reasons for that. Maybe the shape of your lips need to be alatered and that is only something your yourself can do. This is how:

-> go in appearance
-> choose edit shape
-> go to mouth
-> check what happens if you adjust the

  • width of your mouth
  • the lip cleft

Another reason is maybe that the color of the lips do not match your skin. Find a matching color to your skin tone, very light lips usually don’t look nice on a dark skin and very dark lips sometimes look not good on a light skin. Watch this little movie.

Q. Is any eyeshadow good for any skin?

A. I would say yes if you wear a natural skin and if you shape doesn’t have creased eyelids. If you wear a cosmetic skin (a skin that has baked make-ups on it, as we did in the old days before layers were possible) you have to consider the fact that the layer you wear over your skin probably gives issues. Test it and see what happens, I have demo’s of almost everything. On the other hand you could discover amazing combinations.
Also consider that a very light eye shadow on a dark skin doesn’t look so good. And a golden eyeshadow, like my Pippi or Gorgeous eyeshadows, or even the Boho simply work better with middle tan to darker tones skins. Cream and Vanilla do better with other kind of eyeshadows.

Some tips

Another thing: with cat make-ups you don’t need lashes (handy huh?).
My eyeliner and eyelashes layers are a great combination with a lot of eyeshadows. Make sure the eyeliners or eyelash layers are on top of the layering!