About shapes

Pippi skin, Leilu shapeQ. I want the biggest boobs possible, but if I do that with my shape it looks strange.

A. Consider Mesh boobies, because making your breasts really huge (100) distorts them completely. If you don’t want to wear Mesh boobs size 88 is a good really big size. Make sure you also alter the cleavage (not all pressed together, but also not wide apart. Pressed together too much give them a fake look. Let them hang some because that’s only natural. You could consider Mesh. I made gorgeous skin appliers for them. Look here if you want to see more.

Q. I like your cleavage on the pictures but on my body they look blurred. How come?

A. If you wear a cleavage skin on a shape that’s fairly thin then that doesn’t work at all. The boobies will be blurry at the cleavage part and it looks like they are badly made. This is because the cleavage is a texture and you need to alter it right to make it look like the picture that I put here. If you make you breasts larger than 65 and press them a little together (not too much!) then it should work. The bigger your breasts are (we are not talking about huge but between 75 and 88) the better it is for the cleavage.

Some other tips

Joker-smilePay attention to your lips. If you don’t want to distort your face than stay away from the crazy doll/joker smile or that popular sad mouth, corners drawn downwards. The pictures shows you how to get or don’t get those effects.

Big-eyes Pay attention to your eyes as well: making them huge is not really sexy, do you like popping eyes like you used a lot of drugs? Or mean wide apart small eyes that gives you a nasty look? Of course it depends on the role you play. It’s completely up to you.


edit-browsDid you know you can change your face expression with the shape of your brows? Look at the picture to see how that works. You can give yourself an arrogant look, a sweet or sad look, all with your brows.