About skins

Q. I get really weird shadows on my skin. What can I do about that?

A. The default environment settings in Second Life will automatically change with region or in any case change to the time of day. Unfortunately, those default settings won’t make your skin look nicely and this is why you suddenly can see weird lights or shadows on your avatar. To get more light and see in the dark you probably wear a face light. Please don’t, it’s really annoying for others around you. The wind light settings are a feature that gives you the possibility to change to an environment you like. And not only that, it’s fantastic when you want to make pictures or have a romantic evening, or a sunny day at the beach.
My own Oceane Body Design WL settings (and I am very proud of that) are also in the list of basic windlight settings. You can find more info here and here.

Q. What do I need to become a skin designer?

A. Lots of patience, eye for detail and style, the right software, the uv-maps for Second life avatars (download through Second Life website) and creativity. Read here more about being a Second Life  skin designer.