Miss SL UK Memole Giha Model ltd Make-up

Miss-Uk-Memole-Giha-Model-MakeupLRMiss UK SL Memole Giha (Italian by birth) walked into my store one day with elegance and grace and looked like an angel.
‘Will you do my make-up,’ she asked?
Well of course I wanted that, I was honored to. And so this gorgeous, special set was made for her and is shared now with you girls. There are only 50 copies available of the box that contains lipstick, eyeshadow and full make-up. Make sure you get one!

Do you want more of this make-up style, look into my new Glitz & Gloss series or take a glance at the Moon lipsticks.
The lipsticks from the Glitz & Gloss series are the same basic design, just added gloss to it.